Remember that definition of insanity? Well, it's a thing.

It’s unclear who actually coined the phrase, but you’ve no doubt heard it: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. And, as a nonprofit or corporate leader, you’ve also probably experienced it.

Cultivate For Good can help you stop the madness. 


We assess your environment and current reality, including reviewing existing goals and evaluating current positions (and the people in them).


We’ll shape strategic position descriptions, while determining the optimal roles for the talent you already have working for you.


We’ll collaborate to create really SMART goals that align with your mission and vision.


We’ll provide a roadmap to support each leader as they guide their sphere of influence from status quo to success.

“I can confidently say that Love Heals would not exist without the wisdom and leadership of Wendy Adams. She was instrumental in helping the organization start, and a few years later when Love Heals was at a pivotal moment in its development, she provided Godly discernment and clear next steps to enable Love Heals to find a path forward. Wendy has the knowledge and presence to lead a group of long-time leaders, but she also has the humility and adaptability to guide a group of young, eager professionals just starting out. Any organization will be blessed to work with Wendy, whether it is gaining from her vast insight in the industry or simply being associated with such a high-quality, reputable person.”
Kyle West
Board Chairman - Love Heals

Get smart.

You have specific goals—maybe even SMART ones (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timebased). But your attempts to attain them, especially within the context of your team, have been challenging at best, impossible at worst. All too often it comes down to one thing: You have an alignment problem. From high staff turnover and recruiting woes to board engagement and managing upward, it can seem like every day requires a pivot or restart.

Listen, Inform, Act, Repeat.

First, we’ll observe and listen. A lot. For instance, you may tell us that you’re “agents of collaboration” when your actions actually embrace the insanity of silo sustainability. Then, we’ll tell you what you need to hear (which may be very different than what you want to hear). Finally, we’ll challenge you to take action. It will be uncomfortable. But without action, nothing will change.


we offer


we implement


we do it

“Wendy has an abiding passion for well-run organizations and helping them to better achieve their mission. To accomplish this, she is an engaging and knowledgeable trainer for non-profit staff and boards. As a wise consultant, she is not only able to assess what needs to change in an organization, but also speak the truth and help guide and navigate leadership through the steps of change. Specifically within a fundraising role, I saw Wendy effectively influence key leadership staff to "own" their assigned donors and find relational pathways of engagement with them. She did this in a manner that was encouraging rather than off-putting, and supported by her own example of effectively building relationships with donors. She clearly walks the talk when it comes to engaging donors of all kinds, and in a way that treats them as true missional partners rather than ATMs. Moreover, she works to elevate the performance of the teams with whom she works, using a combination of inspiration and personal example. If you're driven by results, seek out Wendy.”
Jeff Nitz