deep-dive discovery

This discovery session affords us the opportunity to fine tune your needs and execute a final partnership proposal. Q&A of your current status to determine the feasibility of our work together.

1 on 1 coaching

This coaching session is a customized focus on enhancing your strengths, addressing the opportunities for growth, establishing really SMART goals, and providing compassionate accountability.


This consultation lets you lean into my more than 15 years of expertise in relational leadership. Dedicated to your customized focus, we'll talk through your challenges and opportunities.

think tank

This consultation session allows us to define some of your more pressing issues and discover applicable solutions.

board engagement & training

These engagement sessions will allow us to set healthy expectations, introduce meaningful engagement plan, and assign “wholesome” best practices to an established or developing board.

strategic workshop

This strategic workshop will help you gain clarity around your vision and be empowered with actionable items to drive sustainable success.

keynote speaker

Engaging presentation that addresses the building blocks for executing successful relational leadership.

Let’s do this!

"Wendy's expertise goes beyond her extensive knowledge; she personifies what it means to lead through relationships. Her methodology is unique; it's less about leading from the front and more about the journey alongside you. She navigates the complexities of grassroots and global nonprofits, strategically transforming challenges into avenues for growth and cohesion. She has a remarkable gift for identifying and nurturing connectivity and empathy within team interactions, guiding her clients toward a more cooperative and robust future.

Cultivate for Good is an invaluable ally for any leader, nonprofit, or organization poised to adopt a sincere and strategic leadership approach. Wendy's leadership initiatives prioritize team dynamics and amplify impact through relational leadership, inclusivity, comprehension, and shared ambition.

Wendy's focus on fostering genuine connections and an environment of trust and collaboration has grown and refined my leadership style. Her unique blend of empathy, insight, and practical expertise elevates relational leadership into real-world, actionable strategies."
Karina Peoples
Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships - Global G.L.O.W.