It's a team thing

Are you ready to move from stuck to success?

I’m a tenured relational leader, dynamic fundraiser, and seasoned event manager. I’m well equipped to cultivate relationships between your leadership (SLT, directors, board members) and the communities they serve. My professional endeavors have deepened community engagement, enhanced internal morale, and increased productivity/results in the marketplace. Let’s…

Build common ground
d Communicate effectively with all stakeholders
h Strengthen community ties
h Streamline ops
Achieve 220% of strategic corporate partnership goals
Achieve 106% of retention goals
Raise 198.6% of annual fundraising event net revenue
Achieve 280% of goal for newly acquired donors

Let’s work together to create change agents among your sphere of influence!

“We asked Wendy to come to our office to present during our team’s yearly planning meeting, and she held us captive for an hour with great energy and content that set the tone for the planning session to follow, challenging us to all step into our roles as leaders by evaluate how well we’re practicing relationship leadership skills in our work (and beyond). She is a gifted speaker and motivator, and she came alongside us to reinforce our team’s values and mission to our members. Thanks, Wendy, for sharing your wisdom with us!”
Erin Rauscher
Karl Miller Realty Team

The What

  • pick-my-brain: lean into my more than 15 years of expertise in relational leadership. Dedicated to your customized focus, we’ll talk through your challenges and opportunities.
  • think tank: define some of your more pressing issues and discover applicable solutions.
  • nonprofit startup consulting:  before you apply for your nonprofit status, we’ll help you establish a strategic action plan and develop a leadership team that’s willing to stand up/out when others are sitting down/out.
  • HR (human relationships, not human resources):  we’ll help you develop true internal partners—brand ambassadors with a strong, consistent message both internally and externally.

The How

  • 1-on-1 executive leadership coaching
  • board engagement & training
  • strategic workshops & retreats
  • keynote speaker
  • podcast guest speaker/panelist

Wendy F. Adams, CFRE


The Why

After 25 years in the business world, including more than 11 years as a nonprofit leader, seven years as an entrepreneur, and 100% of the time working with people, I’ve crystallized the bottom-line issue across the spectrum: Houston, we have a leadership problem. Too often, there is misalignment, inconsistency, and overall lack of clarity in message and mission. And frustration generally ensues.

Leadership sets the tone and direction of those on the front line, as well as across the whole organization. Leaders that are teachable and humble in their approach and interactions with others: can ask and receive help when needed; will recognize and show preference to those who they are called to lead/serve; and can move forward when difficult decisions are necessary.

A large component of leadership is garnering buy-in and sparking action, ultimately encouraging others to impact their respective spheres of influence. After all, as leaders we are either driving progress or we are driving the problem. 

"Wendy Adams continues to show up above and beyond for the organizations she is a part of, mine included. She provides a level of warmth, competence and professionalism that WILL elevate your business/nonprofit/organization to the next level.
Need assistance with developing fundraising strategies or added discernment for complex decisions? Wendy is an amazing advocate to walk alongside you and your team. She has been a huge asset to our organization, always helping simplify and organize complicated challenges into practical next steps."
Courtney Green
Executive Director & Founder - Love Heals